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Information for Homeschoolers

We are pleased to offer CMVHS courses to home-schooled students

Home-schooling is a significant investment of your family's time and money. CMS wants to make this easier for you by providing high quality online courses for you and​ access to highly qualified teachers.
In addition, eligible students have the option to participate in sports and clubs at their CMS home school.

How it works:​

  • Students must be in grades 9-12 living in Mecklenburg County.​
  • Home school students must enroll in at least two online courses per semester (4 per year) and make satisfactory progress throughout the semester.
  • Students must enroll in CMS, while also maintaining their homeschool enrollment. ​
  • Courses can supplement home school curriculum.
  • Students will have access to highly qualified certified teachers online, by phone, and in person by appointment.
  • Students who take at least 3 courses are eligible to participate in sports teams at their CMS home high school.
  • Students can choose whether to graduate from CMVHS or from their home school.​ ​
Please visit our page How Do I Enroll? for more information.